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Experience the Future of Water Management with HYBSUN Solar Sump Pumps. Merging Style with Substance, these Pumps Offer Exceptional Efficiency and Unmatched Durability. Boasting a State-of-the-Art Brushless Motor, Energy Savings are Just the Start. Enjoy Low Maintenance and Eco-Friendly Operation, Perfect for Modern Demands. With an Intelligent Design that Ensures Optimal Performance in All Conditions, and Easy Installation, they’re a Game-Changer in Sustainable Solutions. Choose HYBSUN for a Pump that’s Not Just Powerful, but a Statement of Environmental Responsibility and Technological Sophistication

Superior Motor Efficiency: Outfitted with a permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor, achieving 15%-20% increased efficiency, leading to significant energy savings and reduced solar panel dependency.
Durable Rotor Shaft: Made with 304 stainless steel, this shaft is designed to avoid breakage, ensuring longevity.
Efficient Copper Impeller: Provides reliable and effective performance.
Long-Lasting NSK Bearings: Incorporates premium NSK bearings from Japan, known for their extended working life and reliability.
Robust Alloy Mechanical Seal: Guarantees a longer lifespan and dependable operation.
High-Temperature Resistant Wire: The pump uses 180°C heat-resistant copper wire, rated with an F insulation class.
Highly Efficient Stator and Rotor: Constructed using cold-rolled 600 silicon steel sheets for superior efficiency.
Heat-Resistant Magnet: Features a 40SH aluminum iron boron magnet, capable of enduring up to 150℃.
Intelligent Drought Protection: Equipped with a smart system that halts operation in low water conditions and automatically resumes after 30 minutes.
IP65 Rated: Fully waterproof for reliable operation in all conditions.
Variable Voltage Range: Adapts to different solar panel outputs.
Temperature Resilient: Effective from -15℃ to 60℃.
17A Input Capability: Handles substantial electrical currents.
Efficient MPPT Feature: Enhances solar power use for better efficiency.
Clear LED Indicators: Shows essential operational stats like power and speed.
Adaptive Speed Control: Auto-adjusts to solar availability; manual option available.
Auto On/Off: Operates autonomously without manual intervention.
Motor-Friendly Start: Soft start feature protects the pump motor.
Multiple Safety Measures: Protection against electrical and operational anomalies.
Efficient MPPT Technology: Automatically optimizes output frequency for peak efficiency based on input power.
Adaptable for Various Systems: Ideal for both continuous and intermittent water supply operations, compatible with existing and new systems.
Automatic Operational Recovery: Quickly resumes function after interruptions, minimizing downtime.
Easy-to-Use Interface: Simplified control with a multi LED display and customizable settings.
Historical Data Access: Displays past operational data for effective monitoring and maintenance.
Extensive Protection Mechanisms: Includes safeguards against dry running, voltage fluctuations, and overcurrent, along with overheating and phase loss protection.
Rapid Fault Detection: Error codes for efficient identification and resolution of problems.
Compatible with Multiple Motors: Works seamlessly with both DC and AC 3-phase motors.
Self-Cleaning Feature: Maintains system efficiency and extends lifespan.
Anti-Theft Functionality: Protects the system in remote or unsupervised locations.
Remote Monitoring via IoT: Facilitates distant management and control, ideal for hard-to-reach installations.

Things you Need to Know

While there is a limitless number of materials to make Solar Borehole Pumps , one can narrow down the most common into two.

Can I customize a solar water pump?

Yes, please let me know your height and required flow. If you want to customize the water pump, please contact us through our email!

Can you replace products that are damaged during delivery?

Although we ensure top-notch safety for all our orders, mishaps do happen. When they do, please contact customer support on our site. They'll advise you accordingly.

How long does it take for me to receive the goods I ordered?

If it is a sample, we usually only need 1 week, if it is wholesale, it usually takes 4 weeks

How long is your warranty?

Our warranty is 3 years.



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