Since 2005, HYBSUN SOLAR CO., LTD has carved a niche in the solar water pumping systems industry across its expansive 20,000 square meter facility. At the forefront of innovation in engineering and manufacturing, we bring you solar water pumping solutions that are both pioneering and efficient.

Our workshop, equipped with top-tier production and quality inspection facilities, is powered by a dedicated team of 300 professionals, including 20 specialized engineers and 10 R&D experts.

With over 15 years of expertise, we cater to a diverse range of needs – from quenching the thirst of humans and animals to fulfilling the irrigation demands of both small-scale farmers and large commercial agricultural ventures. Our technology also extends to efficient swimming pool circulation and filtration systems.

At HYBSUN, we’re more than just a company;Our improved irrigation methods have been instrumental in increasing farm yields and income through high-value crops. Simultaneously, we’re committed to providing households with access to clean, eco-friendly, and cost-effective water.

Our Mission & vision

Mission: Make photovoltaic water pumps with reliable product quality affordable for people in areas where there is a lack of electricity

Vision: Continue to improve and perfect, become the world’s most trustworthy enterprise

Solar Pump China Manufacturer

“Responsibility” means that we are responsible for what we have been doing. We follow a series of basic principles such as products, quality business partners, business ethics, and local rules to expand our business responsibly and serve our customers well.


We are responsible for each photovoltaic water pump we sell, and provide professional pre-product training, installation guidance, product maintenance, after-sales service, and unified management and support for the product life cycle. provide premium supporting information, infrastructure, software, sales and marketing tools, and technical support

15 years rich experiences in solar pump field



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