Hybrid AC/DC Solar Centrifugal Surface Pump

Hybrid AC/DC Solar Powered Water Pump For Surface Centrifugal Pump For Agricultural Irrigation Pump Suppliers In China

Categories Hybrid AC/DC  Solar Centrifugal Surface Pump
Brand HYBSUN Solar Water Pump Manufacturer
Model SCPM-H AC DC Series
Material iron
Type Hybrid AC/DC  Solar Centrifugal Surface Pump
Certificate CE, ISO9001
Warranty 24 months
MOQ 1 set
FOB port Ningbo/Shanghai
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T, Paypal


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Nos Model Power(W) AC Vol
DC Vol
Best VMP
H.Max(M) Outlet(Inch)
5 CPM-H750-15/21E 750 90-300 90-430 110-430 21 15 2″×2″
6 CPM-H1100-15/27F 1,100 90-300 90-430 150-430 27 15 2″×2″
7 CPM-H1500-17/55G 1,500 90-300 90-430 200-430 55 17 3″×3″
8 CPM-H2200-25/75H 2,200 90-300 90-430 300-430 75 25 3″×3″

Hybrid ACDC Solar Centrifugal Surface Pump


  1. ACDC Brushless Permanent-magnetic synchronous motor for solar power submersible water pump to get high speed and high efficiency.
  2. NSK bearing with alloy mechanical seal,offering the longer working life.
  3. Motor coil is made by automatic winding machine with centralized winding technology, motor efficiency is much improved.
  4. MPPT function offers higher utilization rate of solar energy.
  5. Water proof and leak proof based on double water seal.
  6. Intelligent water shortage protection: the pump stops working automatically when there is no water in the well, and automatically starts working 30 minutes later.
  7. Featured function:MPPT function,Soft start function,Dry running protection,Adjustable speed function, Error wiring protection, Over/under-voltage protection,Overload protection,Over-current protection, phase-loss protection,High working temperature protection



  1. Suitable for 220V,3phase AC pump
  2. Suitable for 220V,single phase AC pump with capacitor
  3. Suitable for 220V,single phase AC pump without capacitor
  4. Suitable for BLDC speical voltage pump(110V,150V,220V,300V) 3″ and 4″
  5. Child Lock-Anti stealing function
  6. Intelligent self cleaning function
  7. Wide working voltage:AC input:single phase 80-300V,DC input:90-430V
  8. Long distance pump automatice stop/start without float swicth-wirelessly
  9. Protection class: IP65
  10. GPRS remotely control pump stop/start by web/phone

Hybrid ACDC Solar Water Pump For Swimming Pool

How to Connect the Solar Water Pump

SSP-H series solar swimming pool pump wiring diagram

Working Environment and Electrical Property

Controller Model Adaptable Pump Max. Input Current(A) Max. Open Circuit Viltage(V) MPPT Voltage Range(V) Working Temperature(°C)
TGP-2-0.75 Rated 110V-A/D pump 17 <430 110-400 -75
TGP-2-1.1 Rated 150V-A/D pump 17 <430 150-400 -75
TGP-2-1.5 Rated 200V-A/D pump 17 <430 200-400 -75
TGP-2-2.2 Rated 300V-A/D pump 17 <430 300-400 -75

Accessories and Packaging Display

SSP series solar swimming pool pump accessories kit SSP series solar swimming pool pump wooden box packing DC SSP Solar Water Pump For Swimming Pool (1)


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