HYBSUN > DC Solar Surface Pumps > Q.max:3m3/h | H.max:60m - SQB series Solar Booster Pump
Q.max:3m3/h | H.max:60m | SQB series Solar Booster Pump

Q.max:3m3/h | H.max:60m | SQB series Solar Booster Pump

DC Solar Booster Pump | SQB series Solar Peripheral Pump
Permanent magnet brushless DC Solar water Pump
DC24V,DC72V Solar pumping system
Solar panel :1 - 4 piecesPoly / Mono 250/300 watt solar panel
Power range:210 - 750w
Head range:25 - 60m
Flow range:2 - 3 m3/hPump 

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    DC Solar surface pumps are fitted with a permanent magnet,brushless motor, Which enables the efficient use of energy from a wide range of supply options. The pump system offers the perfect water supply solution. This project products are mainly used in dry irrigation of agriculture. It can be used for drinking water and living water. The living condition could be much improved.


    1. Permanent magnet,brushless motor,saving energy and offering maximum efficiency. 
    2. NSK bearing with alloy mechanical seal,offering the longer working life. 
    3. MPPT function offers higher utilization rate of solar energy. 
    4. Water proof and leak proof based on double water seal. 
    5. Controller maximum's operating temperature:60℃ 
    6. Featured function:MPPT function,Soft start function,Dry running protection,Adjustable speed function, Error wiring protection,Over/under-voltage protection,Overload protection,Over-current protection, phase-loss protection,High working temperature protection

    Working conditions

    1.Power Supply:
    Solar panel | Storage batteries. 
    DC24 Solar pumps:21-50V (VMP) 
    DC72 Solar pumps:63-150V (VMP) 
    2.Water temperature:≤35℃ 
    3.PH value 6.5 ~ 8.0

    Model Volatge(V) Power(W) VMP(V) VOC(V) Q.Max(m3/h) H.Max(M) In/Outlet(Inch)
    SQB210-25/2A 24 210 24-48 <50 2 25 1"×1"
    SQB280-35/2.2A 24 280 24-48 <50 2.2 35 1"×1"
    SQB550-50/3B 48 550 48-96 <100 3 50 1"×1"
    SQB550-50/3C 72 550 72-144 <150 3 50 1"×1"
    SQB750-60/3C 72 750 72-144 <150 3 60 1"×1"



    • What is solar SQB solar pump?

      HYBSUN solar SQB series solar peripheral pump which get the power from the sun, you will never have an electric bill,SQB series solar peripheral pump can not only be used for household drinking water, but for animal husbandry and irrigation of small farms.which is a niche product that finds its place somewhere between a displacement and centrifugal pump. Crucial to many applications in today's industry, the medium is pumped in a peripheral channel when in use, which gives it the name we know it by.Acting as a type of volume displacer pump when working, the liquid is first sucked through a suction flange and directed into an annular channel. This channel contains the peripheral impeller which rotates and transforms the liquid in a centrifugal motion.Leaving the pump via the discharge flange after passing through the annular channel, great kinetic energy is imparted onto the liquid via the blades in the impeller.

    • What components does HYBSUN SQB series solar peripheral pump include?

       HYBSUN SQB series solar peripheral pump consists of brass impeller,cast iron pump head,Aluminum pump casing,Brushless DC motor(BLDC motor),3 meters,3 cores,1.5mm2 cable and controller with installation tools.As accessories which include float switch,shrinkable tubes,adhesive tape,operation manual.

    • What are the advantages of HYBSUN BLDC motor?

      HYBSUN BLDC motor which mainly consists of stator and rotor.For the stator which consists of silicon steel sheet & high temperature copper wire.Whose the max temperature is 180 degrees. All winding automatically by machine,which can produce about 2000 pieces per day.For the rotor which includes NSK bearing,SS 304 shaft and 40SH magnet.Whose the max temperature is 150 degrees.

    • What are the advantages of HYBSUN solar pump controller?

      MPPT function
      Maximum Power Point Tracking is electronic tracking - usually digital. The charge controller looks at the output of the panels and compares it to the battery voltage. It then figures out what is the best power that the panel can put out to charge the battery. It takes this and converts it to best voltage to get maximum AMPS into the battery. (Remember, it is Amps into the battery that counts). Most modern MPPT's are around 93-97% efficient in the conversion. You typically get a 20 to 45% power gain in winter and 10-15% in summer. Actual gain can vary widely depending weather, temperature, battery state of charge, and other factors.
      Soft start function
      HYBSUN controller control the the motor operation continues,operting power is gradually increased until motor reaches it;s maximum speed.As a result,service lifetime of both the motor and controller and protection switch gear and prolonged.
      Dry running protection
      HYBSUN solar submersible pump’s controller that offers intelligent detection function of water level.when the water level dropped below the pump inlet, the HYBSUN controller will stop the pump and indicates Well LED.
      Stop the pump automatically,Restarts automatically 30mins,Flexible installation.
      Adjustable speed function
      HYBSUN solar pump’s controller with adjustable speed function.
      User could set different working speed to adjust water capacity and head according actual water demand to avoid water waste.
      Meanwhile,which also reduces the mechanical wear of the motor as well as the start up loads on the PV array.
      Self-protecting functions
      Error wiring protection
      Over/under-voltage protection
      Overload protection
      Over-current protection
      phase-loss protection
      High working temperature protection

    • What are the advantages of HYBSUN impeller?

      HYBSUN use brass impeller,the stand out feature that makes brass components so perfect for any application that involves frequent contact with water is that brass naturally resists rust. This is an especially important feature when it comes to pump heads and bodies, as these pump parts touch water for most of each day's duration.Having pump components that don't rust means that you won't have to ensure that your pump is working smoothly and properly with constant oil applications. It also prevents the metal from degrading as quickly, which means that brass components have a longer lifespan than those made of other metals.Brass repels bacteria naturally, which is one of the metal's most unique traits. This is perfect for pumps that are designed to convey drinking water, as it helps to ensure that the water does not get contaminated with pathogens at any step of its transport.Finally, brass pump components are surprisingly inexpensive. Bronze is far less expensive than its constituent component copper, and lasts longer to boot. This makes pumps that feature a brass pump head and body some of the best value pumps around. They are effective, cost efficient, and easy to maintain, making them the perfect match to any pump using household.

    • How long is the warranty of HYBSUN solar SQB solar pump?

      Hereby guarantee that HYBSUN solar SQB solar pump are guaranteed against defects in material and technology for 24 months beginning from the date of shipping the goods from factory.Within this period,adjustment,repair or replacement of parts or whole will be performed without charge except in the case of damage caused by accidents,misuse,tampering or lack of care.
      2.Not under warranty
      1)Defects caused by the owner's neglect of instructions in the manual before operation or misuse of the pump.
      2).Operation on higher/lower voltage than specified,tampering with electrical system,voltage surges as a result of lightening or faulty electrical supply.
      3).Any damage caused by natural disasters,such as fire,flood or earthquake.
      4).The pump tampered with or damaged by any non-authorized technician.
      5).Maximum fluid temperature exceed 35℃.
      6).Maximum sand content exceed 0.25%.
      7).Putting water inside the controller by user.

    • What is the standard delivery time?

      HYBSUN always insists to provide best service,the delivery time is about 2 weeks.

    • Where is the loading port?

      HYBSUN could according your demand to select the loading port,Normally we choose Ningbo port.

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