HYBSUN > Portable DC/AC Hybrid Solar Suface Pumps > Q.max:80m3/h | H.max:22m - PHC Portable DC/AC Hybrid Surface Pump
Q.max:80m3/h | H.max:22m | PHC Portable DC/AC Hybrid Surface Pump

Q.max:80m3/h | H.max:22m | PHC Portable DC/AC Hybrid Surface Pump

Portable solar hybrid surface pump | PHC series Solar solar hybrid surface pump
Solar pump for irrigation,drinking water supply, livestock 
Solar pump continuous working 24 hours
Power range:1500 - 3000w 
Head range:0- 22m 
Flow range:0 - 80m3/h 
Pump Outlet:3"×3" , 4"×4"

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    Portable Solar AC/DC Hybrid surface pumps are fitted with a permanent magnet,brushless motor, Which enables the efficient use of energy from a wide range of supply options. The pump system offers the perfect water supply solution. This project products are mainly used in dry irrigation of agriculture. It can be used for drinking water and living water. The living condition could be much improved.


    1. Permanent magnet,brushless motor,saving energy and offering maximum efficiency. 2. NSK bearing with alloy mechanical seal,offering the longer working life. 3. MPPT function offers higher utilization rate of solar energy. 4. Water proof and leak proof based on double water seal. 5. Controller maximum's operating temperature:60℃ 6. Featured function:MPPT function,Soft start function,Dry running protection,Adjustable speed function, Error wiring protection,Over/under-voltage protection,Overload protection,Over-current protection, phase-loss protection,High working temperature protection

    Working conditions

    1.PH value 6.5 ~ 8.0 2.Water temperature:≤35℃

    Suitable for wide range of power supply

    Solar panels,City power,Generators

    Supply voltage

    Flexibility with regards to power supply and power range the motor can be supplied with either DC or AC voltage: AC voltage:220V/380V,50-60Hz DC voltage:300V/540V VMP range:210-450V VMP range:350-800V

    How to wire solar panel?

    When solar panels are wired in a series, voltage is additive, but the amperage stays the same. But if you parallel wired panels the amperage would be additive, while the voltage remains the same.

    Model Power(W) AC Voltage(V) DC Voltage(V) VMP(V) Q.Max(m3/h) H.Max(M) Outlet /Inlet(Inch)
    PHC1500-16/48 1500 110 155 175-380 48 16 3"×3"
    PHC2200-18/62 2200 220 311 360-430 62 18 3"×3"
    PHC2200-18/65 2200 220 311 360-430 65 18 4"×4"
    PHC3000-22/80 3000 380 540 620-750 80 22 4"×4"

    PHC | SOLAR SURFACE PUMP PERFORMANCE CURVE(Models from PHC1500-16/48 - PHC3000-22/80)


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